3 Procedures You May Need Before Getting Dental Implants

May 4, 2023

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For individuals with missing teeth, dental implants serve as an excellent solution. These titanium artificial tooth roots are surgically inserted into the jawbone to provide support for replacement teeth restorations, like dental crowns. Not only do dental implants offer a natural appearance, but they can also last for decades when properly maintained. However, in certain cases, patients may require preparatory procedures to ensure the successful placement of implants. keep reading to learn about three preliminary procedures that you may need prior to receiving dental implants.

#1: Dental Bone Grafting

Osseointegration occurs when a dental implant integrates with the jawbone, forming a robust and stable foundation for a replacement tooth. This step is crucial for the long-term success of dental implants. However, when a tooth is lost, the density of the jawbone can diminish, potentially leading to implant failure if there is insufficient bone for osseointegration to occur effectively.

Optimal jawbone density is a critical factor in the success of dental implants, and any delay in treatment can exacerbate the situation. In cases where the jawbone lacks adequate density, a dental bone graft procedure may be required. This procedure involves adding additional bone material, sourced either from the patient or a synthetic alternative, to reinforce the area and facilitate the healing process.

#2: Sinus Lifts

A sinus lift is a dental procedure designed to facilitate the placement of molars or premolars in the upper jaw by augmenting the bone structure between the jawbone and sinus cavity. This procedure becomes necessary when a patient’s enlarged sinus shrinks the jawbone, making it challenging to place implants. A sinus lift allows the jawbone to achieve the required density to adequately support implants.

#3: Tooth Extractions

Prior to receiving dental implants, it may be necessary to undergo tooth extractions, especially in cases where a tooth is extensively damaged or infected and requires replacement. In situations where multiple teeth need to be replaced, the removal of healthy teeth obstructing the restoration process might be necessary. The complexity of tooth extraction procedures can vary, ranging from simple extractions to surgical interventions, depending on the circumstances.

Having preliminary procedures before dental implantation is both common and beneficial for your overall oral health. These treatments are specifically designed to ensure the success of your implants, so be sure to listen to the recommendations of your dentist so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile!

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