Helpful or Pointless: Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatments?

February 15, 2024

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If you get dental care often, you likely know about fluoride treatments. These procedures apply a special varnish to a patient’s teeth. That said, you may wonder: do adults need fluoride treatments? Many people assume these sessions only work for kids. Well, you can rest easy – the fluoride varnish also helps grown-ups. Your local Framingham dentist is here to tell you why. So, read on to learn why an adult may need fluoride treatment.

Context: Fluoride Treatment Helps Kids’ Teeth

True enough, dentists will often suggest that kids get fluoride treatment. The service plays a crucial role in boosting children’s oral health.

You see, kids need to keep their baby teeth for years. They depend on each one until the adult teeth emerge. So, these pearly whites must stay strong until they fall out naturally. Dentists usually perform fluoride treatments to ensure that happens. The varnish they apply protects a child’s baby teeth from cavities and similar issues.

Fluoride Also Benefits Adults

Despite the above, fluoride treatment isn’t only for kids. It’s just as helpful for adult patients who want healthy smiles.

For starters, topical fluoride fights tooth decay in people of all ages. That means it can prevent cavities for kids and adults alike. After all, both baby teeth and permanent ones have enamel. A fluoride varnish strengthens that tooth layer and helps it resist bacterial acids.

At the same time, older adults tend to need fluoride’s effects. This demographic is at high risk of dry mouth – a condition where you don’t produce enough saliva. As it occurs, your body isn’t as able to protect you from cavities.

How to Know if You Need Fluoride Treatment

Fortunately, it’s possible to tell if you need fluoride treatment. Simply note if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Your Medicine is Causing Dry Mouth – Many adults take medicines that include dry mouth as a common side effect. If your own is making your mouth dry, you need a fluoride treatment.
  • Your Gums Have Receded – Receding gums give bacteria room to roam, putting you at risk of cavities. A fluoride treatment would help you compensate for that recession.
  • You Got a Filling in the Last Year – If you have a history of tooth decay, you’re at risk of more. Fluoride should be an essential part of your oral healthcare regimen.
  • You Have Crowned Teeth or Bridges – Crowned teeth aren’t immune to cavities. As long as some natural tooth remains, they’ll be at risk.

In the end, adults do need fluoride treatments. Consult your dental provider about getting one at your next checkup.

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